The plants are wonderful teachers. I aim to do them justice. These workshops have been formulated over many years of clinical experience and cultivating my relationship with plant medicine. I teach both in the community, for organizations, herb schools and out in the wild.
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Moving Through our Mental Health
This class focuses on managing depression, anxiety and mental health through a clinical community herbalist’s perspective. We will discuss food as medicine, supplements and herbal recommendations.


Trauma, PTSD and Healing
In this class, we will go over herbal protocols for long term management and acute care. We will discuss major types of trauma, harm reduction,  new trauma vs old trauma, regulating the fight/flight response, and triggers.


Herbalism Support for Healers, Organizers and Social Workers
In this class we will discuss herbs for stress, strategies for burnout, and flower essences for those working against oppression in their daily lives. We will also go over how to use herbal medicine as a resource in your work.


Flower Essences - Digging Deeper into Energetic Medicine
In this class we will learn how and make flower essences. We will discuss how to cultivate our intuitive voices and integrating energetics into your daily practice. In addition, we will do flower essence proofings and get more comfortable with going deeper in our understanding of how essences heal us.


Healing With Flower Essences for Genderqueer/Gender non-conforming Folks
This is a 4 week closed group workshop about self discovery as genderfluid/genderqueer/non-conforming create safer space to talk about our identities and to explore how flower essences can support our walk in the world. Co-facilitated with Luce of Empowered Transitions Counseling.


Plant Walks
I am happy to come to your land, community, campus and botanically rich woods to teach about the plants from the actual plants. We will go over how to identify and get to know the medicinal and energetic properties of the plants. For children and adults alike.


Transgender 101 for Herbalists I

As healers and health care providers it is our responsibility to be able to offer quality care to all that come our way. Take this cultural competency workshop that teaches you how to be respectful and inclusive to every client, regardless of gender identity. We will go over pronouns, language, transgender history in healthcare, and how to be a good ally.

Trangender 101 for Herbalists II
This builds on the above workshop. We have a focus on specific herbs for transgender and gender-variant folks and contra-indications with medications. We also go over a client case and provide an outlook on how to approach topics out of your comfort zone respectfully.


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

I have taught workshops at The Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, The North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, The Organic Growers School, UNCA, Warren Wilson College, Terra Sylva School and many others.