Welcome to the Sad Kids Club

It’s that time. That moment when color tells it’s story. The maple leaf isn’t just red. It’s red raw; my belly waiting for a phone call. The sassafras turning a brassy yellow- the kind the tulips turn when they sit on my table too long. Brown tinged and holding my lack of upkeep paramount. I can’t just throw them away. I still enjoy them.

I’m laying in the grass for solace. It’s the hue of my grandmother’s ring; tarnished from how I ruin beautiful things.

I bargained with my friend who is a gardener. “But can’t I just have a few flowers during the winter?” They exclaimed that I could have pansies. Perfect. Appropriate. I will love them and over water them. Will they get me through winter?

In my practice, I work a lot with folks who speak about winter in a very specific tone. As hesitant and inevitable as the quaking falling leaves. Expectation. Disappointment. Grief for all the days already lost with seemingly no way to stop them.

Let’s stop them. Let’s combat the winter.

 Don’t forget about fall. It’s root digging time.  Send back your energy into what grounds you. Do as the plants do. Show off. Display your own brightness. Do it for yourself-be blinded by your shimmer. Write down said greatness. Place them on tiny pieces of paper around your home. So when you reach into your basket full of onions, you read the words “It is brave to be sad. Sadness fades too. Thus, you are brave. And you are as sad as any bouquet.”(Or something less flowery. Make it yours.) Incorporate inspiration. Your life force shifts in winter; It does not go dormant.

What makes you smirk? Even on your worst days. Your favorite songs. Your oldest friend. Grasp at straws. Write it all down. Put it somewhere you can see. Tell all your friends. Make copies of the map through your sadness. Don’t let these be secrets. There will be times when you don’t know how to ask for help. Your friends want to help. Tell your friends how to remind you so you can hear them. What is your language?

We don’t want to lose one more person to this world.

We don’t want to lose you to winter.

Know your allies. There are so many mood uplifting plants. There are excellent books and zines and herbalist friends (hi! wave.) who can point you in the right direction of which herbs are appropriate for you.

The last step is to start and join projects that inspire and connect you before the winter starts.

In preparation, I am starting a new project. A combat winter project.

Welcome to the Sad Kids Club.

Wanna be in it? Everyone who needs it is invited. The trick to surviving the winter is not isolating. Let’s be on this bandwagon together.

What gets you through? Share your ideas, find out more and join by emailing: takecareherbals@gmail.com

Include your name, email, if you use facebook and what you are specifically excited about as a Sad Kids Club member.


And remember, healing is not a train that you get on and you are well forever. It is a wagon that you jump on and off of. Ride the rails of. Fall asleep in the back while watching the sunset. The goal is not to be cured. The goal is to know what helps and to teach yourself how to thrive.

*To start off this year’s workshop series I am offering:

Moving Through Our Mental Health Workshop 2015 ONLINE

Moving Through Our Mental Health 

5:30pm to 8:30pm     November 18th, 2015     Firestorm Cafe

Suggested Donation: $20 (no one turned away for lack of funds)

In this class, we will focus on managing depression, anxiety and mental health through a clinical community herbalist’s perspective. We ‘ll discuss food as medicine, supplements and herbal recommendations. Every workshop is from a 
radical healing justice foundation.

*In conjunction with the Sad Kids Club, I am discounting my Fight The Sadness Potion with a 10% discount. Tried and true.

2oz: $18 now $16.

4oz: $36 now $32.40

Buy one with an initial consultation and get 10%off your first visit!

Happy fall. Mean it. Kick up some leaves for me.

Hope y’all join me in the fight and the soar this winter,