It’s nearing the end of winter. The snow has melted into puddles on my front steps and the ice around my bumper is singing the drip-drops. Spring isn’t here, but our gardener selves can plan for the planting. That’s something. And on winter days, that can be everything.

I have put together a workshop series. Classes stemming from years of learning and sitting and re-formulating. I am excited to share this knowledge with you.

However, I want to be clear. I am not coming from the place of holier-than-thou, let me bestow knowledge upon you. I am coming from someone who lives, struggles and strives to understand wellness among depression, anxiety, trauma, healing and hard truths.

There is a myth that one can only be a healer if they are always well. In my experience, the things that make me a stronger healer/herbalist, is that I understand them in my own life. That does not mean I will be teaching only what works for me. I will be teaching what I have learned from my mentors, my heroes, my clients, as well as yours truly.

To me, as a community member and radical health care provider, I aim to be in collaboration to provide what is helpful, and necessary for us to be stronger. To be our best selves on our own terms. To decide what is our own individual way of life, and inspire each other to take care.

What I have seen, time and time again, is that this world has got us down. And there are tools to make it easier. For me, plants are what I know and what resonates. I believe in the herbal protocols that I use with my clients and my community. And I see others wanting to know too. So, here are my classes. I hope you can join me.

My goal is to make every person struggling with these things, to leave my workshop(s) with a better understanding of how our bodies and minds work. Fewer questions of how to thrive with less debilitating mental health, navigating the minefields of trauma, and how to use plants as healers and allies in our ongoing fight for blossomed lives in a hardening world. To feel a little understood, less lonely, and a little more prepared.

All workshops are held in Asheville, North Carolina at Toy Boat Community Art Space.     To sign up please email:

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