Hey friends,

   This time of year seems to be a specific time of transition. It is the ending of cycles. The beginning of our rest. It can also be the time where we could use a little help. That is just the right time to take your tinctures.

These are the potions that I am choosing to highlight. They are the ones that I have given most to clients this year. They are the herbs that I have gotten to know better and seen how they shine when paired with each other.

Cheers to noticing the beautiful things about the beginning of winter. I hope you all bring in 2014 by taking care.


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To challenge the notions of abundance in our culture, especially this time of year,

Here is a seriously good deal.

Each of these potion formulas will be 15% off from December 17th until January 16th.

From the last full moon this year to the first full moon in the next.

That means:

1 oz=$5.95, 2 oz=$11.90, 4oz=$23.80

Pain Potion: For achey muscles, joint pain and to ease the mind during bouts of discomfort.

Grief/Heartbreak Potion: Giving your heart hands to hold it. During times of grief, transition, heartbreak,

and/or feeling the heavy weight of the world.

Sleep Tuff/ Dream Big Potion: To help you fall asleep and dream big.

Allergies Potion: The dust, must, cat, and dog dander buster.

Anxiety Potion: Helps calm your nervous system when you need a little extra help.

         Helpful for panic attacks or during times of extra stress.

Headache potion: For when heat helps your headaches and you want to stop the headache in it’s tracks.

Nip it in the bud: Quitting Smoking blend. To assist you in the process of cutting down or quitting.

To Order:

If you live in the Asheville area I have office hours by appointment all day Saturday and Weekdays after 5pm.

If not, I can ship to you or your friends.

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