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I am excited to share my herbal musings with you. I am currently coming back from a month long tour across the Northeast. My favorite new plant that I met was in the Botanical Gardens of Pittsburgh at Phipps Conservatory.

I introduce you to The Blackberry Lily.

Belamcanda chinensis at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh

Blackberry Lily
Belamcanda chinensis

Reliably beautiful, drought tolerant and tough perennial that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Stiff, sword-like leaves form upright clumps. In summer, orange flowers with red and yellow markings appear, followed by clusters of small, glossy black fruits reminiscent of blackberries. Plant in well-drained, average soil and part to full sun. To avoid self-sowing, remove seed heads.


May today bring you so much gratitude,

Stay Strong and Take Care,

Rae Swersey CH